UNITEC Quality

UNITEC Quality operates through:

Commercial Registration No. 93229

Registration with Value Added Tax (VAT) under number 523 - 522 – 509

Tax Card No. 56994

An insurance policy in the amount of One Million Egyptian Pounds covering civil liability.


UNITEC Quality is engaged in internal and external cleaning works through an independent business unit management within the Company, which includes elite engineers, supervisors and trained workers who are highly qualified and competent to implement the plans and programs set for cleaning works, which are basically aimed at cleaning the place and maintaining its elegance and luster, using the latest produced by the specialized international companies of specialized equipment and devices in this field as well as the latest in the technology of the production of cleaning materials.

• UNITEC Quality conducts inspections to identify the site's needs of equipment, tools and materials, as well as to develop suitable work programs for each site and provide these services free of charge.


• UNITEC Quality offers outstanding and modern methods for internal and external cleaning services in all sectors:

- Constructive cleanliness
- Glass cleaning - Cleaning of the facades
-Bathrooms cleaning - Cleaning of curtains, sofas and carpets
- Cleaning of metal and wooden furniture - Cleaning walls of all types
- Cleaning stairs and elevators - Cleaning of offices, restaurants and commercial centers
- Cleaning of floors of all kinds of parquet, wood, vinyl and rug carpet.

• UNITEC Services provides cleaning programs based on the requirements of each individual site. The work programs include:
- Daily cleaning work programs
- Weekly cleaning work programs - Monthly cleaning work programs
- Semi-annual cleaning work programs
• UNITEC Quality offers new equipment and cleaning tools that have not been used before site handover.
• UNITEC Quality has the distinction of providing the finest raw materials, as materials have their direct impact on the cleaning process.


General Objectives of the Cleaning Sector

• Through its specialization in the field of cleaning, the Company intended to assist the Facilities Management sector to perform its functions and to preserve its assets in order to ensure the continuation of all facilities to carry out their work.
• UNITEC Quality achieves its objectives by:

• Staff selection of good appearance, good behavior and the right age to carry out the required work, where Criminal Record is an employment requirement.

• The workers receive the basic training in the Company's training dept., and continuous training is performed in the sites.

• The company is characterized by a system of permanent rotation and replacement of the workforce in its sites

• The Company defines the appropriate salaries to the employees and shall pay them the incentives and rewards according to the efficiency reports. The employees are registered in the health and social insurance system.

• Client first identifies tasks and duties clearly, while giving an authorization of a specific person or persons to follow up and receive the work.

• The Client participates in the Performance Evaluation process and reports on the efficiency of the workers on which bonuses and incentives are defined.

• A suitable location is designated to store equipment, tools, raw materials and for workers changing room.

• UNITEC Quality is committed to appoint a site manager for sites with more than 50 workers, with a supervisor assigned to each shift and a superior employee for each group.

• Direct supervision and reporting to the Cleaning Director.

• Supervision, inspection and direct reporting to the General Manager of the Company.


Our mission is to be the first cooperation bringing the most value to our clients. Contact us today for a customized facilities solution for your business needs Unitec Qualityprovidesqualified services to the following clients:
• Egyptian Steel
• Egypt Air
• Misr Petroleum
• Al Ahram Institute
• Alexandria Petroleum
• Confederation African Football (CAF)
• Craft Foods
• Lutes Air Line
• Egypt Car
• National Mechanical & Electrical Company (KHARAFI GROUP)
• Allianz Insurance
• Ezz Al Arab Group
• IQRAA Institute
• Blue Sky Travel
• Al Futaim Property
• Modern Motors Group
• KSA Embassy
• National Egyptian Bank
• Egyptian Saudi finance Bank
• Cairo Bank
• Misr Bank


UNITEC Quality presents its services in the field of pest, rodents and reptiles control, through a department includes experienced engineers specialized in the works of pest control, as well as trained workers at the highest levels.

Why Us!!!

The Company utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and chemicals that meet all safety standards, as well as World Health Organization (WHO) specifications and are also compliant with environmental requirements.

Equipment used in the field of pest control:

• Thermal fogging machine.
• Hot fogger machine.
• High pressure sprayers.
• Electric shocking devices.

Materials used in the process of pest control:

The Company in its process of pest control uses pesticides which have the maximum safety factors - as mentioned above - in addition to the following:
• Eliminate all insect / rodent control in an effective, rapid and within appropriate concentration.
• A high degree of chemical stability to maintain its effectiveness for as long as possible.
• No observed effect on humans, animals and plants.

FIRST: Flying Insects:

This type of insects is combated by two complementary ways:
• 1- Using Chemicals, in empty spaces, on roofs and walls using cold fog devices with authorized pesticides, which have an effect when contact with flying insects, and at the same time safe to humans, animals, birds and plants.
2- The use of electric flying insect killer in open areas such as gardens, where number of these units is determined according to site area necessary calculations.

SECOND: Crawling Insects:

Crawling insects’ pest control is carried out by means of a concentrated and comprehensive spray. This spray is protective and contains pesticides authorized by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Agriculture.
Protective pesticide sprays are made every period (determined by the formula of each place) to avoid the appearance of any larvae or complete insects.
Spraying is performed using cold fogging machine and high pressure sprayers to ensure that the material reaches all the narrow, hard to reach places where insects often hide.

THIRD: Rodent:

Rodent control operations are performed in one of the following ways:
This method is performed by preparing several baits that are fixed in different places, where these baits are changed every month, or whenever the need arises, and the following are types used baits:

1- A bait that kills rodents and reptiles immediately after eating it - within half an hour – and that paralysis of the nervous system.
2- A bait that kills rodents and reptiles after a week where it leads to internal bleeding resulting in excess blood flow.

Methods of using devices:

• It is known that rodents include other kinds in addition to mice and weasel, where methods differ from each other.
• The species that live in the desert environment differ from those living in the agricultural environment. The two types differ from the species that live in the residential and business units. Therefore, the method of control varies according to the environment.
• UNITEC Quality is a team of engineers specialized in the highest efficiency, and trained manpower at the highest level of training to carry out the work of pest control.
• UNITEC Quality gives its Clients a guarantee that the place is free of pests during the contract period.


• Arab Petroleum Pipelines Company ( SUMED )
• Petro Jet
• The Egyptian Exchange
• Oriental Weavers
• International CO. for Marbles & Granite.
• Americana Group


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