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UNITEC performs the activity of facilities guarding through the following legal channels: S.A.E

Commercial Registration No. 21513 - Giza

Tax Card No. 237 - 748 - 764

Registration with Value Added Tax (VAT) under number 237 - 748 - 764

Approval of the Ministry of the Interior - Public Security Dept. no#39 , on the practice of facilities guarding and money secure transit, according to Law No. 86 of year 2015.


1- Guarding of fences, doors, buildings and towers.
2- Prevent the entry of infiltrators into the site.
3- Guarding the important locations in establishments of a special nature.
4- Prevent the exit of any items, equipment or raw materials outside the facility, only through external permission.
5- Prevent the entry of any non-conforming or non-required items into the establishment.
6- Carry out the guard duty day and night in accordance with the given instructions.
7- Secure the establishment against theft and fire hazards.
8- Secure of the establishment against the dangers of equipment operators tampering or sabotaging acts.
9- Secure the entry of visitors and employees to the site.
10- Prevent any violence or demonstration inside the establishment.
11- Maintaining public order within the establishment.
12- Secure the entry and exit of vehicles on site, as well as items and materials.
13- Swift and professional response in emergency situations.
14- Implementation of all security works issued by the management of the establishment, and securing VIPs.


• Security officers hold high and intermediate qualifications, and athletes.
• Those who completed their military service and have experience in facilities guarding.
• Obtain training courses on security and protection and public relations at the company headquarters before commencing work at any location.
• Good knowledge of the work of facilities guarding.
• Good knowledge about first aid skills.
• Trained on industrial security and firefighting.
• Good behavior (Criminal Record is an employment requirement).
• Professional response in emergency situations.
• High fitness, good health and proper age.
• Company provides social and health care and formal seasonal uniform, as well as providing them with incentives and rewards in order to enhance work performance and quality.


A selection of former officers who are specialized in the field of guarding personnel, perform training to the security officers through advanced training courses to qualify them to carry out custodianship and guarding works, taking into account the following factors:

• Risk factors for facility guarding.
• Methods of controlling the movement of entry and exit of the facility.
• How to act in emergency situations.
• Guarding VIPs:
- Risks and sources of danger, and risk prediction.
- Necessary qualities for the bodyguard.

General Tasks and Duties of UNITEC security officers

• Keep safe the property of the facility, and perform guarding duties to the fullest extent.
• Prevent theft and sabotage.
• Perform any tasks and security duties assigned to the security officers by the Client in a manner that does not conflict with the terms of the contract.
• Implementation of instructions to verify the identity of the visitors on the site.
• Control the entry and exit of vehicles of all types.
• Guarding the external boundaries of the facility.
• Trained on operating various CCTV cameras and alarm systems.


Security officers are subject to direct and indirect supervision by the planned and unplanned rounds on site by the Company's officials to ensure that they perform their duties to the fullest extent, and to attend to any observations made by the Client concerning any lack of security performance to avoid it immediately and take appropriate action to ensure that it doesn’t recur.


Our mission is to be the best by bringing the most value to our clients. Contact us today for a customized security solution for your business needs Unitec Security provide high quality security services to the following clients

Benefits provide by UNITEC to its Clients:

1- An insurance policy in the amount of One Million Egyptian Pounds covering civil liability for any fault, negligence, or breach of trust ... etc., in case the offender is a member of UNITEC Company (Policy No. 5055 - Smart Insurance Company)
2- Multiple levels and continuous supervision for 24 hours by the security management Company UNITEC to ensure the performance of services in its sites without any additional cost to the Client.
3- The Client has the right, when he has reasonable grounds, to request a replacement of any security officer. Company shall comply with the request of replacement within 24 hours in central areas, and within 48 hours for remote areas.

Benefits provide by UNITEC to its Security Officers:

Wages, salaries and incentives that make them loyal to the company:
1- Providing social and health care.
2- Grants and gifts in special events, holidays and seasons.
3- The Company provides its employees with the number of four sets of special uniform with distinctive appearance and high quality.

Cost of Public / Private Services:

Service rates vary according to the following:
• Nature and location of the site of service.
• The specifications of individuals and languages they speak and type of tasks assigned to them.
• Client request for weapons or not.
• In cases where Client requires special specifications.
• VAT is added to the above for the amount specified by Law at the time of issue of the invoice.


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